Welcome to Briar Hill!

Welcome to Briar Hill everyone! My name is Caverly Smith. Julia Wentzell is my partner, sister-in-law, trusted friend, professional pattern-maker and sewing wizard. I hatch up the artwork, Julia works her Adobe magic and together we are a creative team, designing everything from textiles to quilting patterns, to illustrations and more!

 Being the first blog post, I suppose I should explain our company name. Briar Hill is where my grandmother and her mother lived from the 1940s on. It's a quiet, forested hill, that overlooks a quaint fishing village on Lake Erie. A place where everyone knows everyone; spotted with little cottages that are surrounded by silver birch trees and wild rose bushes. Summers are hot and winters are impossible. I spent a great deal of my childhood there. I climbed the stone fireplace, fingered the bone buttons inside a painted music box and played the piano on which my mother learned. We ran up and down the sloped backyard that had grown like giant steps. It's a beautiful place we want to take you to through our artwork, designs and products.

 On the blog, we'll tell you about our adventures in building our business (and we've had MANY already), our ups and downs and little golden stories about the Hill. We're so excited to take you on this journey. Thanks for joining us!