Yonder Quilt

When C+S asked me if I'd be interested in designing patterns for their new collections I had to keep my composure, so I didn't scream "YES!" and make them think I was a weirdo.  Because I'm not.

I was so happy to have the opportunity because:
1.  I'm a huge Rifle Paper fan, and would get a sneak peek at their newest collection.  (I know, we're Textile Designers too, but I feel that has even expanded my appreciation of other designer's creations, and it's fun to spend some time admiring other artist's work!)

2.  I was intrigued by the challenge of acting as a proxy Quilt Designer for another Textile Designer.  I imagine most textile designers have a feel for how they wanted their fabric line to be seen.  Being that for another means I hope to design a quilt that they would love, and that shows off their collection as they wish to portray it. I've enjoyed it!

3.  Though I wasn't attending Fall Quilt Market, I was excited that some of my projects would be there.

I was sent digital artwork of the collection in August and submitted designs within a week.  I submitted a few ideas for the Wildwood collection, and here is one I loved, but I'm glad Yonder was the winner.

In 2018, Anna Bond had her artwork placed on a stamp.  She had mentioned at the time that it was a huge achievement for her because she had loved stamps as a child, (but don't ask me how I know that because I can't find the source, but here's the stamp, so I didn't completely make it up).  So I thought this would make a fun quilt, and C+S basics had a great manilla envelope colour for the background.  I guess this designs will just have to go into the vault for another time.

My goals in designing Yonder were as follows:
1.  No background fabric.  I imagined a high saturation of print and colour.
2.  I wanted to see five different fabrics in a large 18" block.
3.  I was hoping for a pretty secondary design.
4.  I wanted to build from a simple star design I'd fallen for a few months previous.  Andrea of @3rdstoryworkshop had asked me to contribute star blocks to a quilt she was making.  I could make any design I wanted that was a star, and made this simple block.  When I handed the blocks over to her at one of our MMQG meetings, I mentioned, "I think I'm going to play with this star!"  

My quilty to-do list turned into a traffic jam in the Fall due to a truckload of unforseens, so I called out to my amazing quilty friends and they came to the rescue.  Eleanor Thili sewed up this quilt beautifully.

She also fussy-cut the bunny for the centre square (shown in the pic below).  I love her for that!

I knew for a long time I wanted to have it quilted in a woodgrain, but I couldn't find a pantograph that was organic and un-repetitive for my vision, so I rented Bella, the longarm at Violet Quilts, chose a pistachio coloured thread, and quilted it myself over about 5 hours.  

This pattern has been such an agreeable project.  Writing, proofing, testing, sewing, and editing were all easy breezy; so for the present, Yonder is my favourite child.

I always have a giveaway for a new pattern release, so on Friday please see my Giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram to enter.  Contest closes Monday, March 11th at 9am EST.  A winner will be chosen from FB and Instagram, and will win a great big coupon and a digital copy of the pattern for themselves and their tagged friend.

This quilt needs a Quilt Along.  It just does.  So, I'm starting a QAL on April 29th.

Sign up here!

(Since The QAL is finished, here are links to all the content.)






Bonus Files:
Using Fat Quarters with Yonder

Using Directional Prints with Yonder

Here's the plan for the QAL:
hashtag to use: #yonderquilt

You can expect an email every Monday of the QAL.  It will link you to the week's Blog post.

In anticipating the "Can I use Fat Quarters?" question, the answer is yes.  You'll need two for every block, but it's tight, and I'd recommend having a few extra FQs on hand in case you need to bring them into the fold.  I'm sewing up a Yonder made with FQs, and there will be a Blog post all about it before the QAL.

I find it best to cut the entire quilt, match up which prints you want together in a block, then make blocks one by one, so that's how I've organized the QAL.

Opening giveaway will be on April 29th. If you have signed up for the QAL you are automatically entered.  Once I draw a name, I'll request to see proof of purchase of the pattern, then the giveaway will be mailed to you!

WEEK 1, April 29th
Steps 1 and 2: Cut all fabric for your blocks, match up fabrics you would like in the same block.

WEEK 2, May 6th
Sew a third of the blocks
Throw: 5
Twin: 8
King: 12

WEEK 3, May 13th
Sew a third of the blocks
Throw: 5
Twin: 8
King: 12

WEEK 4, May 20th
Catch-up, get-ahead or take-it-easy week

WEEK 5, May 27th
Sew remaining blocks
Bassinet: 2
Throw: 6
Twin: 9
King: 12

WEEK 6, June 3rd
Layout and assemble quilt top.  Post by midnight June 9th to be entered in the final giveaway.

June 10th
Final giveaway winner announced!

It's going to be a fun QAL, I just know it!  I hop you'll join us.  Follow this link to Subscribe!

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