Over the years, I couldn't even count or keep track of how many handpainted cards I've made and given. I love it. It brings me so much fulfillment. A way for me to share a little piece of artwork with someone, without sacrificing a ton of time and while actually saving a buck or two in the process. Let me tell you how!

I purchase these precut watercolour cards and envelopes from Curry's. This is the best deal I can find in Canada, though I'm sure (like absolutely everything else), there is a cheaper and more convenient way to do it in the States...... but don't even get me started on that..... I won't be able to stop.

The make is Strathmore. I've never had a problem with them. For a quick hand painted, greeting card for a friend or family member, they're just fine. If you buy them in a ten pack, I'm not sure you'd save all that much, costing $7.73 +tax & shipping (if applicable, and it is in my case). That would equate to about $1 a card, which granted is still a great price for a greeting card, but those exist at Dollarama.  Having said that, when you factor in that they're getting handpainted art along with the greeting card, it's a steal! I recently walked into the lovely home of my even lovelier friend, Loree, and all through her house I could see my cards I've sent to her over the years, framed and used as artwork. And it was awesome!

If you buy the cards in the 100 pack (like I do), then the cost is $53.09 +tax. And orders over $75 get free shipping, so you can pick up that extra tube of "Rose Madder Hue" while you're at it and REALLY save. Think about it; if I'm not spending money on shipping, I'm spending less than $.80 per card, and it means so much to people!

I take a couple of hours every now and again and just whip out several to have on hand and you'll never have to go pick one up last minute ever again! I can't recommend it enough.

I know what you're thinking. "My artwork's not good enough to put on a card! I'd be too self conscious! Blah Blah Blah!" Wrong. The great thing is that, like I said, they're only $.80 per card, so even if you do screw it up (and I certainly have, believe me), you're not really out anything. And it really doesn't take very many tries to get into the rhythm of it, and find out what style you do best with. So try it out! I dare you! Store bought cards are so darn expensive (apart from Dollar store ones), and these are a terrific way to give that extra something, without paying that extra something ;)