Quilt Pattern: Starbright

This quilt was so much fun!


The piecing, which is usually my least favourite part of the quilting process became my most favourite thanks to all of these amazing fabrics in bright colours!

Can you pick out all the designers?  There's Cotton + Steel, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, and Lizzy House

I used nearly 40 different prints/solids in this quilt, and it was so fun deciding how I would match them up.  Sometimes I explored mono chromatic, until I decided to change things up and then I'd explore contrast, then I would put the least likely matches together, then skip over to the iron to see how they looked together, then skipped back to the sewing machine to explore matching pieces together again!

Every bit of this quilt was exciting!

That is something I can't usually say. I love cutting! I love ironing! I love making a scrappy binding, and I love preparing the backing.  Sitting at the sewing machine, running the fabric under the machine stitch by stitch makes me feels like time stands still and snails racing on peanut butter pulling hippos in chariots behind them feels like faster work than me sitting at the sewing machine.  I get out audiobooks!  Inspirational talks!  I try to convince my kids to come and keep me company!  I tell myself I'll do some fun sewing stuff if I do just a little more work at the machine... 

But this quilt!  No motivation required.  None.  I could not WAIT to piece!  I could not wait to sit at the machine and put these pieces together.  

And I mean, the whole time...

Wow!  Look at these together!
Oooooooh!  Look at that!

Squeal!  I love this!

That's it!  I need some more crazy vibrant quilts in my future!

I love patchy quilts, where you can't exactly tell how it's all put together.  This quilt has one huge 18" block with star points on opposite corners of the blocks, and a patchwork border to finish the star points on the outer edges of the blocks.  The Starbright pattern includes instructions for 3 sizes, Full, Lap and Crib.

 It was designed with minimal seams to match, because really, who wants to match seams when you don't have to?

This was quilted by Sherri at Violet Quilts.  I love her!  I’m a costumer and she’s a costumer with loads of great stories and experiences, so it’s always a fun visit to go to her studio!  I selected Hobb’s Wool, which is so light, and warm and flow-y, Geometry Swirls, a panto by Natalia Majors.  I was so thrilled with how it turned out!

This would be a totally rad colour spectrum quilt, don't you think?  

I'm so curious to know what fabrics you would use for this pattern!  

Starbright is available as an instant download in our Etsy Shop!  Check it out!

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