One of favourite things of all time is line and wash style artwork. This is a style where the artist paints (typically with watercolour), a scene or object and then draws in the detailing over top of the wash...hence the "line" and "wash". Sometimes the artist starts with the linear sketch first and fills in with colour. Today I decided to do that drawing first and fill it in like a colouring book. I almost forgot how much I absolutely LOVE drawing. Florals, portraits, architecture, you name it. You get so caught up in doing one style of art for so long that the others get neglected and you forget how much you love them. My only problem with line and wash is that once I've made the drawing, I'm always so in love with it in just black and white that I can never decide if I want to actually paint it or not. I never want to risk potentially ruining what is already a beautiful piece of art by adding the wrong colour, or too much colour, or too saturated a colour. I suppose I don't mind having those kinds of problems. Ultimately, I'm glad our IG friends helped me to decide to paint it! Thanks followers!

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