New *BEQUEST* Fabric Line!

We are so excited to share the new quilting cotton collection from Briar Hill Designs! The line is called “BEQUEST”.

A Bequest is something given or transmitted from the past. An heirloom. A legacy. An antique. We used these precious items as our inspiration behind these 20 blue and white prints. Each of the print names go along with our theme: ‘Hope Chest’, ‘Looking Glass’, ‘Loom’, ‘Music Box’, etc. We had such a blast naming them. 

The blues on blues make it ridiculously easy to work with! We are two partners and Julia is a sewer extraordinaire, but Caverly (myself), is NOT. And even I, "no-sew-Caverly" can make something dreamy with this fabric. The blues are so vibrant and stunning. We worked extra hard to get them just so and we're thrilled with how they turned out.  

We hope that this fabric will be turned into one of those precious items, worthy of the name "Bequest". The collection will be released to fabric stores in November; just in time for Christmas ;)

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