Bequest Maker's Tour

Today's my day on the Bequest Maker's Tour.  It's only day 2 of 10, and I'm over the moon with the project sneak peeks we've seen. I'm looking forward to the upcoming days!

It has been so fun to watch all these inspiring makers receive their fabric, and start cutting into it! My favourite part of this whole creative process is seeing what other creatives make with our fabric.  We've also just released our Lookbook that's full of creative ways to use our fabric.

Today, I thought I'd share something that has become my tradition in our fabric design process. As soon as our fabric arrives, I take a few prints from the collection, an embroidery hoop, gather some silk ribbon, Aurifil's cotton floss, and my little tin of pearls, and sit and stitch.

When I was studying Costuming at Dalhousie, there was a book in the university library that was called Embroidery of the 18th Century (or the name was something like that, it was 20 years ago). The old red book had previously lost its dust cover, and weighed a ton, but I carted it around for those opportunities I had a moment to look through the pages.  It was my Pinterest circa 1999.  I poured over that book again and again, learning stitches, searching for inspiration, and looking in wide eyed amazement over the coverlets, gowns, and shoes covered in embroidery. Ohhhh the late fees I paid on that book.

So, when it came to time to make my final project gown. You can bet it had embroidery! Cuffs and bodice were embroidered in silk thread and silk ribbon, using stitches that were common in the 18th century, and still are among the most common embroidery stitches today.

So back to Bequest!  Cav’s artwork always brightens my mood!  I wish I could paint like that.  I love watching her carefully painted watercolour turn into art on fabric. 

My friend Meaghan studied Art at NSCAD in Halifax, and she once was assigned to select a Master's painting and replicate it.  She had to think about the colours they used, and mixed; the brushstrokes, and their direction as they moved across the canvas; the colours on the brush for every stroke.  It made her see the original painting in a way she hadn't before, and taught her much.

Embroidering is about as painterly as I get, so it's been special with June's Cottage, and now with Bequest to work with the art on fabric in this way.  

Shared in our Lookbook is this hoop before it was finished, and also another hoop that I embroidered.  Go check it out! 

We have AMAZING creatives as part of our Maker's Tour, we hope you'll follow along each day, and look out for a Follow Loop Giveaway happening on Instagram at 4pm on November 23rd.  The Giveaway loot is awesome!

Here's the calendar for our Maker's Tour, and links to their creations will be added here as they become available.

Nov 12th
Jemima Flendt @tiedwitharibbon

Nov 13th
(us) @briarhilldesigns
You're here, seeing my hand stitched creation

November 14th
Stacey Lee O'Malley @slostudio

November 15th
Jacquie Schluter @jacquiesews

November 16th
Wendy Mierke @sewknotcrochet

November 19th
Lisa Hofmann-Maurer @sewwhatyoulove

November 20th
Carla Peicheff @cpeicheff

November 21st
Jen Orme @lilmaisiedaisy

November 22nd
Shannon Fraser @shannonfraserdesigns

November 23rd
Jess Zimmerman @coralbunnyandlo

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