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The last day of our Maker's Tour ends here with a bash!  Giveaway details are at the end of this blog post.

It has been a highlight of this creative process to see the projects made by these wonderful creative friends. We've loved the sweet dresses, the crisp look of our fabric in purses and pouches, and the timeless look of our fabric on a handmade doll. This is truly the most exciting part for us, to see how other makers use our fabric!   

Katy Livings of @KatyLivings

This makes me realize that we have not made a product, but rather we have made a medium to be used: to form and cut, trim, hem, gather, structure, stitch… We've made fabric to see what you would make of it, and we are so excited that this chapter of June’s Cottage is here! It’s in the stores! (I know, because I saw it selling in shops for the first time last night!  Squeal!!!)   It’s ready to be made into your projects!

Fiona Kelly of @TangledBlossoms

I have had the joy of sewing with this fabric since last August. So far I have made six quilts, six mini quilts, two totes, a handbag, three hats, and the list goes on.

Most of these projects were on display at our booth at Quilt Market, and can be seen in our Lookbook.

All of our June’s Cottage creations went home after Market with RJR to visit a few trade shows with them, then they’re visiting a few shops for a North American Trunk Show before they make their way back to us!  (So, if you own a Quilt Shop and would love for the June's Cottage trunk show to come to you; or if you love your local Quilt Shop, and want your local shop to have the June’s Cottage creations come for a visit, contact us and we’d be happy to put you on the schedule!)

Cassie Nichol of @Lilyshinecreates

Alyce Blyth of @blossomheartquilts

I knew for this Maker’s Tour I wanted to make a pillow.  The design was thought-up months ago.  Made with 19 of the 25 prints in the collection, the strips are sewn to a foundation, then gathered up in some hand-stitching to give the pillow a staggered scalloped look.  The pillow is 18”sq., and I sewed an invisible zip to the bottom, and backed the pillow with Rosebud in raindrop. 

Do I have a pattern?  Let me know if you're interested and I may write one up!  :)

Then, one winter’s night while turning myself like a rotisserie chicken in front of our wood stove,  I said to myself, “I’m cold!  Another quilt would be very welcome!  So why not make that, too?!”

Something that has been so fun about working at this Briar Hill business with my sister-in-law Caverly has been getting to enjoy her artwork!  We have heard so many kind comments from all of you about her breathtaking artwork, and we totally appreciate it, (and I totally get it because I think I might be her hugest fan!)

Several walls in our home are adorned with her artwork.  Her paintings, sketches,  and illustrations just make me happy!  So when I thought about this quilt/blanket, all I really wanted to do was celebrate her artwork, my work arranging all of her artwork into patterns, the colours we chose, the printouts and strike offs, and the whole story.  I wanted the quilt to celebrate the fabric.  So, whole cloth was the way to go!

I used Prized Roses in nova for one side of the quilt, and Forget-Me-Not in tea cup for the other side of this whole cloth quilt/blanket. The binding is made with Rosebud in raindrop.  Batting is my fave, Hobbs Wool

I chose to have it quilted in a polkadot edge-to-edge, though since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, my Longarmer Sheri happily designed the edge-to-edge that I wanted. I chose a polkadot because it was simple and echoed the look of the Rosebud print.

The quilt front and back are made with two widths of fabric and I matched the print, so there isn’t any break in the pattern, and it appears as though the seam isn’t there. It’s a great technique and I have a tutorial you can find here!

I’m excited that these will have a place in my house, (while all the other June’s Cottage quilty pretties we’ve made are galavanting across the continent!)

I’m dork-ily excited to wash this quilt/blanket and watch it be snuggled, and dragged around the house by my kids.
That’s what we made it for after all, right? To be loved!

Thanks so much for following along in our Maker’s Tour! The party is hardly ending!!! We have a giveaway starting today, and the fabric’s in stores NOW! PARTAY!!!

The Giveaway is our hugest yet! One lucky duck will win:

A Fat Quarter Bundle of all 25 prints in the June’s Cottage Collection,

6 Quilt Patterns designed by myself, Julia Wentzell, and

An original piece of Line and Wash artwork in our June’s Cottage colours by Caverly Smith.


This is an Instagram Follow Loop Giveaway, where you follow all the Makers this week, plus RJR, and be sure to make a comment that says you made the loop. Something like "I did it!", or "Done" on the Giveaway post so we know you’ve completed the loop. Giveaway is happening on Instagram, so head on over there to enter.
Entries are open for 48 hrs and 1 winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018.  Entries are open worldwide! You don't want to miss this one! 


One of favourite things of all time is line and wash style artwork. This is a style where the artist paints (typically with watercolour), a scene or object and then draws in the detailing over top of the wash...hence the "line" and "wash". Sometimes the artist starts with the linear sketch first and fills in with colour. Today I decided to do that drawing first and fill it in like a colouring book. I almost forgot how much I absolutely LOVE drawing. Florals, portraits, architecture, you name it. You get so caught up in doing one style of art for so long that the others get neglected and you forget how much you love them. My only problem with line and wash is that once I've made the drawing, I'm always so in love with it in just black and white that I can never decide if I want to actually paint it or not. I never want to risk potentially ruining what is already a beautiful piece of art by adding the wrong colour, or too much colour, or too saturated a colour. I suppose I don't mind having those kinds of problems. Ultimately, I'm glad our IG friends helped me to decide to paint it! Thanks followers!

June's Cottage // Fall 2017 Lookbook!

Friends, we are so excited to present our digital lookbook for our new and debut collection, "June's Cottage".  In this lookbook you'll find not only beautiful photography by the one and only Nicole Nield, but you find gorgeous quilts and projects designed by our very own Julia Wentzell, including yardage! Here you'll read a little bit about our process, our backgrounds and our inspirations behind the collection and the patterns. We're so proud of it and can't wait for you to see it! Just click the link and take a gander. PS - every time I try to type lookbook, autocorrect wants to replace it with cookbook. Face palm.

Briar Hill Designs Lookbook / Fall 2017

Old But Gold

Some of you will know what a pleasure it is to move your family across several provinces (or states). My husband works as a dentist for the military and we were posted over the summer to northern Ontario. He and I have been actively unpacking and organizing for months and still we are coming across things we'd forgotten about. I'm only now finding peace and organization in my new studio, but only because we spent hours going through boxes and containers full of paperwork, and art supplies and scraps and paintings and drawings and sketchbooks and reference books and and and...

I have a love/hate relationship with organization and too often find myself and my work desk buried in the paraphernalia of an artist. I like to think that we artists specialize in chaos. Although I religiously follow artists like Natalie Malan, and Yao Cheng (my HEROES of life), and everything in their world seems to pristine, so calm, so clean, so organized, so.....white! HOW? How the heck?? I'm going to go ahead and assume that their lives are just as chaotic as mind to make myself feel better. Literally as I wrote that sentence, my oldest son sauntered into the studio, his face and hands covered in Nutella, like it was no big thing. This mom's life is real, folks.

Anyway, so while I've spent hours making sense of this work space, I've loved coming across old projects, sketchbooks full of unused ideas, and bits of paper with watercolored stems and blossoms, just waiting to be scanned and edited. I love gauging my growth as an artist and entrepreneur. Some of those old ideas are golden. Others are laughable but lead me to other great things and I'm grateful for all of them.

I guess the benefit of being regularly displaced is the opportunity to review; expand upon old gems and remember past mistakes to change for the better.