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Countryside Mini Quilt Along Starting Sept 3rd!

When the perfectly planned, pieced and pressed pattern creator Julia of Briar Hill Designs meets up with the fabulous free motion facilitator Dara of Stitched Quilting Co the result is the magnificent Monthly Mini Quilt Along. Julia and Dara have never met in person as they live on the extreme east and west coasts of Canada, however their love of all-things-quilting drew them together to create ‘Coast to Coast’ and this collaboration project: the Countryside Mini Quilt Along. A "block of the month" that also provides community, skill building, free motion instruction, and finishing skills.

Thorn & Thistle

Quilting happens at all levels. If you would like to increase your skills and abilities, come and tap into the rich knowledge base of these two quilters who will teach you starting from the basics of quilting to a variety of quilting techniques ranging from piecing methods to curves, foundation paper piecing, english paper piecing and more. FMQ skills will be taught through Dara's developed method which will build your FMQ confidence more with each tutorial.


Why Minis? Minis are so versatile! The blocks can be incorporated into other projects you are making, they are a quick gift, a fun way to decorate your sewing space, and a way to learn and practice a new skill and stretch your quilting experience without the intimidation of a large project. 


We are so excited to share this Countryside Mini Quilt Along as it has been created so that your quilting skills will develop and grow in a sequential way with small time commitments yielding huge improvements in your skills, building your quilting repertoire. 


Benefits of being part of our Countryside Mini Quilt Along: (in addition to surprises we'll be pulling out of our sleeves when you least expect it...)

* Receive a new mini pattern designed by Julia Wentzell of Briar Hill Designs. Pattern includes instructions, diagrams, tips, and new skills to expand your quilty repertoire.

* Video Tutorials by Dara of Stitched Quilting Co. showing ways to FMQ your minis on a domestic machine every month.

* Belong to a community of quilters who share your passion for quilting in a supportive and encouraging private facebook group.

* PDF copies of the blocks can be printed and used to plan out colour placement, and practice FMQ designs before putting needle and thread to mini!

* Opportunities to share your progress, and win giveaways. Enter a photo of the completed block at the end of the month.

*If (when) during the QAL, any of these patterns turn into quilt patterns, receive an exclusive discount for digital patterns upon pattern release.

*First dibs at any exclusive offers from both Julia and Dara.

Autumn Orchard

What to expect:

First Monday of the month- new mini will be introduced.

Monday- show and share the fabric pull for your mini.

Monday- demo video for the free motion quilting.

Monday to the end of the month- share your completed mini. 

Here's a pic of all 12 together:

Here's the lesson schedule:
1st month -Thorn and Thistle
2nd month- Heartfelt
3rd month- Homespun
4th month- Shawl
5th month- Sunkissed Linens
6th month- Autumn Orchard
7th month- Wishing Well
8th month- Summer Solstice
9th month- Family Ring
10th month- Wildflower
11th month- Friend to friend
12th month- Barn Door Mini
Piecing Skills Taught in the patterns
2-D chain piecing and HST skills
Working with bias and nesting seams
"Transparency" (colour interactions) and strip piecing
Intro to curved piecing, fused raw edge applique, needle turn applique
FPP and Curved Piecing
FPP skills
Curved EPP ladder stitch
Starch and freezer paper turn applique method
Improv skills
Ultra Mini quilting skills

Here's where you can sign up!  We're offering two great ways to pay:
12 monthly payments of 9.50 CDN automatic withdrawals through Paypal's secure server.

One payment for all 12 months, discounted - pay for only 10 months.  $95 CDN payment through Paypal's secure server.

We are so thrilled with what we've put together!  You'll have permanent access to all content, so you can refer back to skills shared in video tutorials and written in patterns, when necessary.

We had started our first group of the Quilt Along in January (their group is from Jan - Jan; this new group in June - June), and here's some feedback from one of our participants!

When I joined Coast to Coast Quilt Along, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the past I had belonged to several quilting groups and guilds and had participated in a lot of Block-of-the-Month clubs with different quilting shops but had never done any quilting ‘on-line’ before.  What a treat this whole adventure has been.  Julia’s patterns are fresh and pretty – and present enough of a challenge to keep me interested and yet allow the beginning quilters/sewers in our group to keep up.  I love the personal attention and encouragement that is available.  The help is there quickly and in a timely manner, as is the praise and critique, and not just from Julia and Dara, but the other members of our group…we’ve become a cheering squad for each other!  I’m learning the most from the videos and help received from Dara regarding the free motion quilting aspect of the group.  I had always just meandered or stippled my quilts, or sent them out to be quilted professionally, but the lessons and tips we get on the videos has been helpful, enabling and fun.  Because we work on mini quilts, the projects aren’t daunting and the FMQ is manageable, do-able and actually turns out nicely! (This is surprising for me because I have terrible eye-hand coordination!)  The first Monday of each month I eagerly look forward to receiving my new mini quilt pattern, and then the third Monday rolls around and my FMQ videos appear – the fun never ends!  I’m loving this adventure – won’t you join us?
-Suzy Stanford   

Petticoat Quilt

When I was baptized at 8, my Mom made me a dress for the reception afterwards.  It was peach moire with puffed sleeves, trimmed with lace.  The back of the skirt curved open like two flower petals and underneath was layer after layer of delicate white lace.  With patent leather shoes, and dried baby's breath placed in my braids to top off the look, (yes, you can laugh!) I felt really special in that dress!   Lace underskirts seemed to be something my Mom made for me often.  Baby clothes with ruffle bums, and a gingham dress with lace on the pinafore and underskirt come to mind!
Studying design and the history of clothing in University, I had the opportunity to swoon and sigh over numberless underskirts and petticoats from simple to exceptional and extravagant.  Gah!  I loved those days!
A digital rendering of the Crib size included in the pattern
Since I've had girls of my own, lace has always been a special part of my daughters' special dresses.  I've made sure of that!  I have a little collection of vintage laces, and often look for ways to use them when making things for my girls.

This design is inspired by embellished skirts with layer upon layer of scalloped lace.  I had been dreaming of this design for awhile before I was able to find a curved template that would assist in making it.  A couple of weeks after the Classic Curves Ruler's debut at Spring Market 2017, I discovered it and knew it would work for this design.  It is such a great ruler, and Sharon has made some incredible quilt patterns using the CCR.  I had the privilege of meeting her at  Fall Market and I totally admire her style and the masterful way she designs patterns with her ruler!
Once you've sufficiently admired the incredible free motion quilting by Dara Tomasson, ;) can you find the block?  It's just a simple square block with a curve on one corner.  Blocks are arranged on point to give you this scalloped effect.  I was so excited to make this design with our June's Cottage prints!
This quilt comes together so fast!  Inner and outer curves are cut from the same square of fabric and that takes a couple steps; but then after sewing one curved seam, trim the block with the help of the 'true-up template' provided, and the block is complete!
Since it releases today, we're doing a giveaway as per usual, (!) but Sharon at Color Girl Quilting is making it even better, by adding the Classic Curves Ruler to the giveaway!!!

Come to Instagram or Facebook, follow us, and tag a friend.  One friend per entry and a total of five entries allowed at both locations.  Giveaway will close on Friday at 10pm EST, and I'll announce a winner on Saturday.  The winner and her tagged friend will win a free pattern, AND will both be sent a Classic Curves Ruler!  Good luck!!!
Also, the Petticoat pattern will be 25% off until Monday am.  Use the code NEWPATTERN.
Here are some ways I'd love to play out this pattern in the future, but you're welcome to beat me to it!  As per usual, there's a colouring page included in the pattern, so you can plan out your colour placement before you get started.  Whether you see a nautical themed ocean wave quilt, or a stormy sky, an ombre layout, scallops of different colours or something completely different, tag us!  I'd love to see what you create with this pattern!

Dapper Quilt

Free, quick, and easy to make successfully!

That would be my tag line for this quilt!  You can download this free pattern from the RJR website.

And, please enjoy this video by Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy!  She has made Dapper in our June's Cottage Prints!

We love to see what everyone is making with our fabric!  You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook  Please feel welcome to share your #junescottagefabric creations online!

Arbitrary Artwork

Here another piece that I did today. What I’m loving about this new-ish style is that it’s so much more arbitrary. The word arbitrary is just the perfect word for this. It means: based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.

And that’s exactly how I tackle this style. Rather than approaching a painting with a set plan (bouquet of pink roses, pattern of evenly dispersed blooms, etc), this style forces me to just go with the flow and do whatever feels natural. Sometimes that means splatters. Sometimes that means random, meaningless strokes for the sake of the composition. It’s fun and playful and very freeing.