Pattern: Garden Lattice Quilt

What a fun quilt this was!  It is made using 2 1/2" strips!

Do you love the gingham backing?  It's Cotton + Steel's 1" gingham in Linen

For this quilt, I used a mix of steel blues, teal, misty blue, mint, and celery greens, with a bright white to contrast the analogous colour palette.

I'm already dreaming of the colour palette I'll make it in next time!  What colours would you make it in?

This pattern comes together so fast, so easily, and so forgivingly.  Rows are lined up by "centering" the pieces.  I finger pressed a crease in the centre of the different pieces on both rows, and pinned together the centre creases from the two rows.  Easy peasy! 

Wouldn't this make a great Jelly Roll Race quilt? 

This was quilted by the ever amazing Violet Quilts!  I emailed her a few pics of what I was looking for, and she created this loopy design for me!   It's quilted with pale blue thread.  I love how it turned out!

Pattern is available in our Shop!

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