Yonder Quilt Along, WEEK 1, April 29th

Virtual confetti dump!  Yonder QAL is open!

THANK YOU for joining!  We have 119 participants!  I hugely appreciate your enthusiasm for this pattern.

There's so much to cover in our opening post so I've divided things into categories to help you find what you're looking for. 


Our opening Giveaway is a $30 Gift Card from Maker Valley!  Just enough to get yourself that quilty shirt you've been wanting, or some cute sewing related enamel pins!  Congrats to Julie Kerr!  I have your email address, so I'll get that gift card to you, pronto!

Although our first giveaway was open to everyone who signed up and purchased the pattern, future giveaways will be selected from posts on Instagram sharing your progress, using #yonderquilt, and tagging me @briarhilldesigns.  This week I'd love to see your palettes and/or progress!

Here's the palette for my first Yonder!  This is Garden Club by Brenda Ratliff of Pink Castle Fabrics, a fellow textile designer with RJR.  I needed a few extra fabrics to make the Twin size of the quilt, so I added a handful of RJR solids into the mix.

Our Epic Sponsors!

We have an amazing lineup of sponsors!  I love to get to brag up businesses I admire and believe in!  They've been very generous with their prizes for us, and I encourage us all to show our appreciation by checking out, and if you like, following these inspiring creative businesses.

Our giveaway for Week 1 is Winner's Selection of 3 large spools of Aurifil thread, and a pattern from our Briar Hill Etsy shop!

I'd probably want these three - Aluminum 2615, Chalk 2026, and Fairy Floss 6723. What would you choose?

Share your progress for the week by midnight on Sunday to be entered in the Week 1 Giveaway.  Winner will be announced in the Week 2 newsletter and blog.

This week's goal:

Since we are going to start sewing blocks next week, we need all the fabric cut for the entire quilt top.  

(Palette for the second Yonder I'm making from Dylan M's line Mazy's Garden, plus some neutrals from a variety of designers to build out the palette.)

This week we are working through Steps 1 and 2 in the pattern: cutting all the fabric we need for our quilt, stacking pieces of the same print and letter,... 

...then sorting which prints we want in a block together. Please note that in the image above, B1 and B2 are together in the B pile, and C1, C2, and C3 are together in the C pile.  When choosing which fabrics will go in a block together, I take a stack of D first because it's the largest, then select a stack from E, C, B, and then select A as the cherry on the top.

Here is how my bundles for individual blocks look.  

Don't feel pressure to gather the perfect assortment of colours and print for every single block.  Remember.  They're all going into the same quilt.  I've learned that if I only allow the best matches to become a block instead of allowing for some unexpected fabric mashups, an assembled quilt top can look segmented and less cohesive.  So, reminding myself, "They're all going into the same quilt." when matching up fabrics helps me make a quilt I love.

Some tutorials to help you get started:

First, here's a quick tutorial on how I stack my prints, and trim them to make as little waste as possible.  I use fat quarters to demonstrate this, but the same can apply to your full width yardage.

Want to see it on You Tube?  Click here.

As promised, here are links to the (optional) bonus blog posts:  These are meant to be a support if you would like to: 1.  Use fat quarters instead of yardage to make your Yonder Quilt, or 2.  Make a directional print upright in every part of the block.  That's not necessary (I enjoy my directional prints to be any-which-way) but if it's your style, the blog post will be a help.  If you're following the pattern as it stands, there's no need for you to read this content.

Using Fat Quarters for Yonder

Using directional prints with Yonder

I've made printable files of these tutorials.  You can download and print them from here.

ALSO, I've made you some labels to help keep your project organized.  They're also available through the link above.

Just in case using templates in the way described in the pattern is new to you, here's some info on how they're used.

1. Cut out the template.
2. Select one of your acrylic rulers that is just a little bigger than the size of the template.
3. Determine which edges of the paper template will need to be cut (arrows on paper templates point to these edges). These edges will be lined up to an edge on your ruler.
4. Tape these templates (right-side-up) to the underside of your ruler using a clear tape (I use Scotch Magic Tape).  We'll call these Ruler Templates.
5.  Align ruler template D or E to the stack of  D or E pcs cut. There are four D or E pcs per block, so you can cut all four at the same time.  Cut fabric to shape of template. The triangles cut away won't be used for this pattern.

Next week I'll be sharing my Yonder block assembly tips!

I recommend using a 6 1/2" ruler for trimming parts of the block next week.  If you'd like to order one fast, here's a link!

Some housekeeping details:

Long story short: 
Please use #yonderquilt in all your social media posts!  

You can follow this hashtag on Instagram to keep an eye on what other QAL-ers are up to!  I hugely encourage cheering on other quilt along-ers, and making a few new quilty friends! 

Long story long:
Last summer when I designed this pattern it was top-secret until Quilt Market weekend.  It’s not easy to name a quilt, and I finally found a name that was unused, and a good fit, Yonder. 

A few days previous to Market, a quilter I hugely admire, @eyecandyquilts announced her cute new pattern, Yonder.  What?!  What are the chances?!  I sent her a message and our unlikely and funny conversation went like this:

Me: Hi! Have you just named a pattern Yonder? I did too! 

Eye Candy Quilts: Yep!

Me: Yikes!  Mine is debuting in the C+S booth.  I would change it, but I don't think I'm able to.

Eye Candy Quilts: Mine is in Moda's sales materials.  Oh well!  It happens all the time!

Me:  Yup!  Well you know what they say about great minds!

I’m telling you this, because guess what!  The story gets even more ironic!  We’re both hosting quilt alongs with our individual Yonder patterns.  Hers starts in 2 days, so the Yonder quilt along Google search, and hashtags will show results for two Yonder Quilt Alongs.  

So to keep things tidy, we will use hashtags #yonderquilt primarily, and please tag me @briarhilldesigns in your posts so I don't miss a thing!  

Annaliese will be using other Yonder quilt along related hashtags for her quilt along like #yonderqal and #yonderquiltalong.  It doesn't mean we can't use "her" hashtags, or her participants can't use "ours", because we can, and they can.  I'm just promoting #yonderquilt as the one I'd primarily like you to use, and I'll be drawing winners from the #yonderquilt hashtag shared through Instagram.

If there is any content that needs to be added later in a week, it will be added to the bottom of that week's blog post, and a newsletter will go out to link you to the additional content.

Any questions, please feel welcome to email me at briarhilldesigns@gmail.com.

Here's the plan for every week of the QAL:

WEEK 1, April 29th 
Steps 1 and 2: Cut all fabric for your blocks, match up fabrics you would like in the same block.

WEEK 2, May 6th
Sew a third of the blocks
Throw: 5
Twin: 8
King: 12

WEEK 3, May 13th
Sew a third of the blocks
Throw: 5
Twin: 8
King: 12

WEEK 4, May 20th
Catch-up, get-ahead or take-it-easy week

WEEK 5, May 27th
Sew remaining blocks
Bassinet: 2
Throw: 6
Twin: 9
King: 12

WEEK 6, June 3rd
Layout and assemble quilt top.  Post by midnight June 9th to be entered in the final giveaway.

June 10th

Final giveaway winner announced!

Any questions, please feel welcome to email me at briarhilldesigns@gmail.com. 

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