Yonder QAL, Week 5, May 27th

Week 5!


It's also a great week to start trimming your blocks.  Here's how I've been trimming mine:

Since an 18 1/2" square ruler is hard to find (and since I'm trying to practice minimalism, and can do without one) I use 2 rulers that equal 18 1/2", and treat them as one.  I lay a block on my cutting mat, and use my 12 1/2" ruler and 6" ruler (which magically equals 18 1/2") to trim the block.  I can trim the block in two steps/parts this way, one half at a time.  Usually I'm just trimming threads, and a little length off of E.

This week I'll be picking up this, 

...and this, 

...from Violet Quilts. Can't wait to share them with you!

Congrats to Heidi Harrison of @justkeepcruisin! You've won this original watercolour from Caverly. Please email your address and phone number, and Caverly will mail your prize to you!

This week's giveaway is from a new quilty business that you may not have been introduced to yet, Quilt Designs in the Yard.  Brenda makes weather-safe Barn Quilts, or Yard Quilts in beautiful colours and styles.  These 60cm sq. quilts are printed using UV resistant ink on a 1/4" thick sheet made of aluminum composite, then industrially laminated.  This is how signs are made for their local potash mines, so the yard Quilts are built to be durable, hardy, and made to last extreme seasonal conditions.

These can be installed on your home, deck or fence with outdoor velcro or by drilling holes. 

Our winner this week will receive their own Quilt for their Yard!  You WANT this prize!  Do what you gotta do to make a post this week!  Brenda sent Caverly and I ones for ourselves, and wow!  They're so nice.

You can also check out her website or IG (give her a follow!) to see more of her stunning variety  Yard Quilts.

Post your progress by Sunday at midnight to be entered!

We're down to our last two weeks:
Remember, any Yonder related post will enter you in this week's giveaway, but for the Final Giveaway announced next week and drawn on June 10th, I will be drawing a winner from the completed quilt top/flimsy posts that are shared.

WEEK 5, May 27th
Sew remaining blocks
Bassinet:   2
Throw:      6
Twin:        9
King:       12

WEEK 6, June 3rd
Lay out and assemble quilt top.  Post your finished quilt top/flimsy by midnight June 9th to be entered in the final giveaway, announced on June 10th.

I'm loving your quilts!  We're nearing the finish!  I'm excited to announce the Final Giveaway, I'll tell you all about it in a week!

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