A DOZEN donuts... I mean designs! A dozen designs!

I'm so excited to present 12... a DOZEN... new watercolour clipart listings in our Easy shop! From digital paper patterns, to floral arrangements, to individual elements, you are set for any of your DIY graphic design projects! Homemade invitations anyone? Maybe you're creating a Facebook Event or you need a banner for a poster. Maybe you're printing out invitations for a shower or thank yous. Maybe you're creating your very own business card, letterhead, or invoices. Whatever your creative project, with this hand-painted floral, watercolour clipart, you can turn it into something really special. Really pretty. Really fast. Really easy. REALLY cheap!

It's as simple as this: all you have to do is purchase the clipart listing (for a steal) and almost instantly you'll be digitally sent the watercolour clipart for you to use on your project. You'll be able to open the JPG and/or PNG file (depending on the listing), and drop it into any design you're making. And it doesn't matter which program you're working with since every one of them are compatible with JPGs! Easy as that. Place it wherever your inner designer sees fit and you've got yourself your very own, homemade, professional design! You go girl ;) (even if it's a boy reading this... I say "you go girl to my husband all the time). I stand by it. You go girl!

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