Shawl Quilt Along, WEEK 7, May 6th

Final week!

It's finish 'er up week.  We're so close to the finish!  We're starting to see the plaid as these parts come together!

Congrats to Anna from @joyfullychosen.  You've won the surprise bundle from Aurifil!  I'll need your mailing address to get this out to you!

Final giveaway is a bundle from Cotton and Steel's newest release, Neko and Tori!  I got to play with this line back in August, so it's a thrill to see it's arriving in stores.  I envisioned Neko and Tori in a few of my patterns, here's a peek at some of the projects I proposed.

New Spring in Throw

 Potter's Wheel in Twin

All my patterns will be on sale from the 8th to the 16th, use the code BIRTHDAYWEEK to get 20% your pattern order from our shop.  Caverly's birthday is on the 8th and mine is on the 15th, so we always like to celebrate what we call our Briar Hill Birthday Week.  :)

Here are some tips for the week:

As mentioned last week, the instructions for assembling this quilt up look more complicated than they really are...

Some people are drawn to written instructions, some just want to understand the concepts and take it from there, and some people are drawn to an image.  Quilt Assembly includes instructions for all these different learning styles, so go with the instructions that feel most comfortable for you.

Once you've got your entire quilt together, if you didn't stay stitch the edge pieces already it's a good idea to sew around the edge with 1/8 seam allowance. These edges will be tugged during the quilting process, so this is a good way to keep the seams from opening.

Have you got your backing?  I have a favourite method for pattern matching the print on a backing and it's explained in this blog post.

Sheri will be taking my quilt this week to be quilted.  I've chosen a medium blue thread to have it quilted in, and I'm still deciding between those two pantos I shared two weeks ago.  I guess it'll be a game time decision!

My Shawl's left corner is together, and my little guy and I are pretty happy about it!  He is on a twin bed, and so I've been making the quilt according to queen instructions, it will just be a little narrower.  Today is his birthday, and he's asked for a day off of school and Glow in the dark MiniGolf, so we're off to do that today!  Tomorrow my goal is to get the rest of the quilt top together!  Yay for finishing week!


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