Using Fat Quarters for the Yonder Quilt

Anticipating the question, "Can I use fat quarters for the Yonder pattern?"  I decided to prepare a blog post instructing how to do it.

In answering the question, I'd say, "Yyyyyessss, bbbbbut, it's tight!"

Quilt pattern designers often add 15% more to the yardage requirements to accommodate fabric cut crooked in the store, shrinkage if you prewash, a ruler that slipped, a rotary cutter that went rogue or a mis-cut.  So, yes it can all fit, but I recommend having a couple extra FQs on hand to allow for any additional fabric that might be needed.  This post and the diagrams assume that you will be able to get 17" x 20" of useable fabric from every fat quarter.  So, I was able to make Yonder using fat quarters, and you'll be able to, as well.

Get a printable file of this tutorial here, along with other Yonder bonus files.

This blog post is meant to be used hand in hand with the Yonder pattern, and I recommend you familiarize yourself with the foundational instructions in the pattern before proceeding with this tutorial, so that these instructions make sense.

The Yonder pattern requires 5/8 yard per block, so if you're making the Throw (16 blocks) according to the pattern, you need 16 x 5/8 yd.

Since YOU are using fat quarters, you will need 2 FQs per block.  So if you're making the Throw, (16 blocks), you need 16 blocks x 2 FQs each, totalling 32 fat quarters.

Here are the fat quarter needs for all sizes of the pattern:

Bassinet:  8 FQs 
In the pattern there's an exception for making the bassinet, and using 5/8 yds per block.  This is actually resolved because you are using FQs.  The bassinet has four blocks, but since there's 5 parts to the block you would need five 5/8 yards so you didn't have two sections of the block in the same fabric.  Since you're using fqs, and you need 2 fqs per block (and since you're adding variety to the palette by using 2 FQs per block), there's no exception and you need only 8 fat quarters.

Throw:  32 FQs

Twin:  50 FQs

King:  72 FQs

In the pattern the 5/8 yard allows you to cut all you need for one block out of every single fabric.  Then, that one fabric will part of five different blocks, it will be A - centre square in one block, B - star in another block, C - star echo in another block, etc.

Since YOU are using two fat quarters instead, one fat quarter will be used in sections A, B, D, and the other fat quarter will be used in sections C and E.

Divide your fat quarters into two piles (one that will become sections A, B, D, and the other will become sections C, E.  Follow Step 1 directions in the pattern, refer to the cutting chart in the pattern, and refer to these diagrams.

Note that ALL pieces with the same letter are cut from the same fabric.  This is essential because the Star needs to be made with one fabric to appear as a star, and same goes for other letters with multiple pieces.

An exception:
Beside the fact that you're cutting these pieces from two different fabrics instead of one, the only exception is how you cut B2.  This piece will be cut from the discarded triangle from D.  Stack these four triangles and follow the directions in the diagram.  This will give you the four triangles you need for B2.

Then proceed with Step 2 in the pattern.

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