Quilt Pattern: Crystal and Gem

I had named this quilt a dozen times, before I finally settled on Crystal and Gem because of the trick-of-the-eye effect that this quilt plays on you.  The quilt seems to flicker between one shape and another; star, ball, flower, diamond, a plus sign and many other shapes catch your eye for a half-second as you look over the quilt.  

I anticipated, and designed the quilt to bring out some of these shapes, some just showed up as the quilt came together.  (It's great when that happens!)  Crystal and Gem felt like a fitting name, as it shimmers between one shape and another.

The fabrics are mostly from the PB&J line by Basic Grey.  I chose only the blue, celery and yellow prints from the line and added some muted purples, buttery yellows, and some Grunge Basics that complimented the colour palette.

The quilt is made with identical blocks on point and a pieced sashing with off-white cornerstones.

Hobbs wool batting, and an invisible seam quilt backing using Anna Maria Horner’s Lineage, from her line, Dowry.  If you haven’t seen my tutorial on how to piece fabric making the prints match and making the seam virtually invisible, you should check it out!

I chose a wavy quilt pattern that wouldn’t interfere with the magic happening on the quilt.  It’s called Three Tours Wavy Stripe, and it's a free edge-to-edge from Methodist Hill Quilt Studio!

A scrappy binding was made with the same fabrics on the quilt top.

 This is a great beginner - intermediate pattern.  The pattern is filled with step-by-step instructions, diagrams. paper templates, 

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