Potter's Wheel Quilt Along WEEK FOUR

We are in Week Four of the quilt along!  I’m am so inspired by you!  Your blocks are amazing and your colour palettes inspiring!

I love this "one colour per block" look Terry, @trowquilting!

All the heart eyes for these blocks by Gretchen @gollygwhiz!

This soft palette by Diane @d_bates79 makes me want to pull fabrics for another!  ;)

Did you see! We already have some finished quilt tops! Way to go Adrienne @seam_work, and Wendy @redlabelquilts!

Keep at those blocks, friends!  They’re looking gorgeous!  Before you know it, you’ll have a quilt top, too.  Share your quilt top using the #potterswheelqal, and I’ll enter you in the final giveaway!  I am dying to tell you about the giveaway, but I’ll keep it a secret for a little while yet! 

Remember, Week 6 (Easy Week) is the week after next!  You can use it to catch up, or take a break, or get ahead on your Potter's Wheel project.

This week is just like last week, our goal is sewing more blocks: 3 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin)

Next week’s goal is exactly the same: 3 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin)

A note:  If you happen to create a snag in your acrylic ruler by cutting into the edge of the curve with your rotary cutter this can easily be repaired.  File it down with a metal nail file.  (I have also had to do this on my Stripology ruler, and filing down the snag makes the edge smooth again so it doesn't catch the rotary cutter.)

Until next week, happy sewing!

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