Potter's Wheel Quilt Along WEEK THREE

Last week, WEEK 2 was so great!  High fives to all of you.  I loved getting to see your blocks come together.  I've heard multiple times, "Curved piecing isn't as tricky as I thought it was!"

Your eyes may be opening to the possibilities of curved piece quilting: Drunkards Path curves, Rob Peter to pay Paul curves, Improv curves; there are so many great curved piecing designs out there!

I have few other curved piecing quilt designs too, and I'll tell you about them another week!

Here are our goals for the week:
  • Sew your blocks 3 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin) blocks, or if you've decided to assembly line piece your quilt, I've included a plan below to keep you on track.  The biggest goal is to have your quilt top together by the end of Week 8 because, GIVEAWAY!!!  Also if you're interested in taking your quilt to a longarmer, I've got one on call for any of our Potter's Wheel quilts.  She would be happy to quilt an edge to edge pantograph from Week 8 onwards, and can guarantee Christmas delivery.  More info to follow. 
  • Share your progress using #potterswheelqal and tag me @briarhilldesigns. 
  • Check out #potterswheelqal and #potterswheelquilt, and cheer on your fellow QAL-ers!    
Next week (Week 4) will be much the same:
Sewing more blocks! 3 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin)

If your preferred approach to this QAL is more like an "Assembly Line" instead of, "Sew a number of blocks a week" here's a plan for you!

Week 2:  Cut all parts of the block and sew curves.
Week 3:  True up blocks and add strings.
Week 4:  Layout quilt (optional) and begin sewing one third of your blocks together.  Trim blocks.

Week 5:  Continue sewing one third of your blocks together.  Trim blocks.
Week 6:  Easy week.  This is a great week to catch up on blocks, or trim your blocks.  If you're all caught up, make your binding or prep your backing.
Week 7:  Sew the last third of your blocks together.  Trim blocks.
Week 8:  Assemble your quilt top.  I'll be sharing my favourite FMQ ideas for sewing on your domestic machine, and my favourite pantos.  Those of us who have assembled quilt tops by the end of the week will be entered in the final giveaway.

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