Potter's Wheel Quilt Along WEEK TWO

Big week!  Starting week!  Are ya ready?  Yes?  Awesome!!!

Anyone nervous to get started?  Some of you may be feeling what I call "The Wall" .

The Wall happens for me when I want to face something new, but I'm also really intimidated by it.  So maybe you're feeling nervous to cut into that fabric, or more likely, you're nervous about the curved piecing.

Here's what I have learned to do when I come face to face with that huge, intimidating, daunting Wall.

I tell it,  "Get out of here!  I can face intimidating things!  I can learn new skills!!!  Everything I'm good at was new once, duh!"

And then I get to it.

Give it a try, it will work on your Wall too!

Two weeks ago I was teaching the Potter's Wheel block to a group of students at Patch, and comments went from "I'm totally scared of curves!"  to "That was soooo much easier than I expected!" in a matter of 20 minutes.

What happened in that 20 minutes?  Starting happened.  After following the instruction, they sat down, took a deep breath and showed that Wall who's really in charge!

That Wall isn't really there anyway! It's smoke and mirrors, and we can face uncomfortable things and show them who's boss!  You can totally do this curved piecing thing!  Totally!


Here are our goals for the week:
  • Sew a few practice curves after watching the curved piecing video tutorials on You Tube.  Please note, they are also provided at the end of the Week One Blog post.
  • Sew your first  4 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin) blocks. 
  • Share your progress using #potterswheelqal and tag me @briarhilldesigns.  I'd love for us all to make some new quilty friends! 
  • Check out #potterswheelqal and #potterswheelquilt, and cheer on your fellow QAL-ers!
  • If you haven't yet introduced yourself or shared your palette, these are things you can do at anytime during the QAL.
Next week (Week 3) will be much the same:

Sewing more blocks! 3 (Crib), 5 (Throw) 10 (Twin)

I can't wait to see your blocks coming together!

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