Shawl Quilt Along starting March 25th

I hosted my first QAL in the Fall, using my Potter's Wheel pattern, and I loved the sense of community that comes form working on the same project together, and watching all these creative and different quilts grow.  During the QAL, I highly recommended commenting on other participants' posts on instagram which resulted in some new quilty friendships for many of us, and that's the best part!

So I'm especially to start another Quilt Along, this time with my Shawl quilt pattern.  Our Shawl Quilt Along is less than 3 weeks away, and I'm already seeing participants colour planning their quilts.

(Since the QAL is now over, here's a quick link to all QAL content, if you would like to follow along.)







Bonus Files:
Color Hexa, and how it can help you find the colours you're looking for

Fabric Selection

Blog post on the Coral Shawl Quilt

I first designed Shawl over a year ago, wanting to explore transparency in a quilt.  I tried a few plaid designs before I fell for this one, and then used all my brain power to figure out how to plan colours for the quilt, so that the design would appear as a woven shawl.

There's a process fully described in the pattern to pick colours for the quilt.  Colour planning is divided into two steps:

Step 1:  Choosing your main colours (these represent the thread colours that would be used were it actually a woven shawl).

Step 2: Then in the pattern is a chart that helps you determine a colour of fabric that represents when any two of the main thread colours would "so to speak" weave through each other and interact, such as in a woven project when two different threads weave through each other, and from a distance appear as one colour.

Please see my What Shade Are You post for more on this coral Shawl.

I've also added a blog post on using a colour blender to help you select colours as a support for the second part of the fabric choice process.  This process can even work with prints and solids.  Both June's Cottage and Bequest fabrics have been made into Shawl quilts.

My plan is to sew in solids during the QAL.  I'm making a quilt for my youngest, he's 7 and had fun choosing colours with me.  This is the year of new quilts for my kids.  There are loads of my quilts around, but they belong in our common areas.  I think my little guy is excited to have one that's all his own!

Here's the plan for the QAL:
hashtag to use: #shawlquilt

You can expect an email every Monday of the QAL.  It will link you to the week's Blog post.

I find it best to cut and make Blocks, Sashing and Cornerstones separately, so that's how I've organized the QAL.  There are lots of blocks per week, but thanks to strip piecing, and production-line sewing, these parts go together so fast.

Opening giveaway will be on March 25th.  If you have signed up for the QAL you are automatically entered.  Once I draw a name, I'll request to see proof of purchase of the pattern, then the giveaway will be mailed to you!

I'll be making a post before the QAL all about colour planning, talking about how I choose colour, and any tips that could be helpful.  It's our goal to be ready to cut fabric the first week of the QAL so please use the resources such as the first few pages of the pattern, the Color Hexa post and future blog post to choose your fabrics, email me any questions through the blog contact link above, and I'll be sure to answer them in the blog post I'm preparing on colour selection.

Also keep in mind!  If you'd like someone to do all the fabric choosing for you, Missouri Star has kitted out Shawl quilt in the Throw size.

WEEK 1, March 25th
Cut, strip piece and assemble half of your blocks
Crib 9
Throw 25
Queen 36

WEEK 2, April 1st
Assemble second half of blocks
Crib 9
Throw 25
Queen 36

WEEK 3, Apr 8th
Cut, strip piece and assemble cornerstones
Crib 18
Throw 50
Queen 72

WEEK 4, Apr 15th
Cut, strip piece and assemble sashing
Crib 36
Throw 100
Queen 144

WEEK 5, Apr 22nd
Catch-up, get-ahead or take-it-easy week

WEEK 6, Apr 29th
Step 3 and 4 in the pattern; cutting pieces for outer edges and assembling units.

WEEK 7, May 6th
Assemble quilt top and post by midnight May 12th to be entered in the final giveaway.

May 13th
Final giveaway winner announced!

Sheri of Violet Quilts is once again offerring discounted batting and quilting services, so stay tuned for more on that, and info on our sponsored giveaways!

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